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About Us

Razi Capital provides flexible and customizable debt financing solutions to private and public middle market companies. Through vast financial resources and an extensive network of industry experts, Razi can provide financial advice, strategic support, and business assistance in a broad range of industries and at various points in a company's lifecycle. Our strength comes from our team of professionals and the large number of financing partners, who with decades of experience have one goal in mind: to help entrepreneurs execute their business objectives and evolve in to the business leaders of tomorrow.

By leveraging our reputation and expertise, we provide flexible and timely financing solutions that meet specific needs of growing businesses nationwide. Our objective is to assist entrepreneurs, management teams and investors reach development milestones and business objectives using the optimal balance of equity and debt capital. We work with companies at all stages of development and provide financing options in the form of venture senior and subordinated working capital, equipment leasing and financing, asset-based loans and revolving lines of credit.

Our professionals understand how to structure the right financing solutions that provide the additional capital needed without sacrificing current investors’ ownership. We approach every transaction with the goal of delivering the maximum value to current shareholders by minimizing dilution, cost of capital and debt service.

Well qualified companies can access financing at today's competitive terms, often faster and with less paperwork. Based on the specific needs of our clients, Razi can typically provide multiple financing options that the company can choose from. Companies that have previously found it difficult to qualify for traditional bank financing can access specialty financing that meets both short and long term capital needs. Our focus is to provide financing in the areas of Venture Debt, Working Capital, Accounts Receivable and Inventory Facilities, Equipment Financing and Leasing, and other corporate financing needs.

Target Profile


- Strong management team
- At least one round of equity financing
- Strong intellectual property

- Addressing a large market need
- Defined exit strategy



Mobile and Wireless Technology
Medical Devices
Healthcare Services

Computer Hardware
Alternative Energy
and More ...

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