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Specific Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Razi Capital provides flexible and customizable debt financing solutions to private and public middle market companies. Through vast financial resources and an extensive network of industry experts, Razi can provide financial advice, strategic support, and business assistance in a broad range of industries and at various points in a company's lifecycle. 

Venture Debt



The U.S. venture debt market is a multi-billion dollar industry that accounts for a significant portion of the capital raised each year by venture backed companies and entrepreneurs looking to gain market advantage and achieve business milestones through the use of flexible any minimally dilutive capital.

Equipment Financing



With over 30 years of experience and expertise in equipment leasing and financing, Razi Capital has become one of the premiere companies in the industry. In fact, many of our client relationships have started with us closing an equipment financing transaction. We address equipment needs in most industries and for a variety of collateral.

Mezzanine Loans



Mezzanine loans and subordinated loans, in general, can help to fill the void between senior debt and equity. These loans are geared towards companies that are near or have historical positive cash flow. Loan can be used for many reasons, among which are growth and expansion, acquisition, and refinancing of existing debt.

Asset Based Lending



Razi Capital has significant expertise in sourcing capital in the asset-based lending arena. We offer a variety of solutions for companies looking to leverage existing assets to address both short and long-term capital requirements. The asset-based lending products can be tied to a combination of accounts receivable, inventory and equipment.

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